Beauty in Music

The last few posts of mine have been fairly wordy, so this one will mostly be music. I’m going to have a busy few days, so this is to tide you over until I have some more free time.

One of my consuming interest, as you might expect is in musical instruments. I am fascinated by the idea of characteristic sound, the idea that by some quirk of their construction every instrument has a sound all of its own. And this isn’t just about melodeons, it applies to every instrument. Indeed my major project for my MEng is on just this topic, isolating the core sound of the Charango (stringed instrument from Bolivia).

With that in mind, a friend of mine reminded me of this exquisite playlist of music today and I thought I’d post it. The first track in particular can only be described as beautiful. It is on a Hardanger Fiddle, one of my favourite instruments of all, played by the superb Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh. Caoimhín is someone who is not afraid to take an instrument out of its cultural setting and use it for other genres of music, and his Hardanger playing is an excellent example of this. He also plays something called a Pellegrina Pomposa. The music is hypnotic, helped by sensitive use of electronic looping and excellent film-work.

The first video is below, the whole playlist can be found here. I hope you enjoy them.

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