Old Molly Oxford and a Gig Plug

Hello everyone! How are you? Excellent, glad to hear it. Sorry I haven’t been in touch in such a long time, but events have conspired against me. Specifically, my finals, which are arguably (shock horror) more important than writing this blog. I am currently in the middle of my final report, so might have a few more inactive weeks ahead. I am also half way through writing the third part of “Inside and Out”, but to keep you going and informed I thought I’d write you this post on my next few weeks.

Next week, I am playing for “Burnt by the Sun”, the mainshow at the ADC Theatre in Cambridge. It is a fantastic production of a fantastic play and I can’t wait to be part of it. Regular hypothetical readers (and my stats tell me that some people do read this blog) will know that I love playing for Theatre, so this is exciting. It is also exciting because I will be on stage in character for some of it and even have a line to say, which is terrifying. But we’ll see how it goes.

You can buy tickets here, please do if you happen to be in Cambridge next week. If only to see me dressed up in silly clothes. Although you could do that if you went to the Elm Tree tonight, where I’ll be dancing with Cambridge Morris Men.

The weekend after “Burnt by the Sun” finishes, I will be in Shepley Spring Festival. I’ve never been to Shepley before, but can’t wait to get there. The lineup looks amazing and best of all, it includes me! I will be performing solo and also with Marianne Neary and friends. So if you fancy it, do come and hear me. If you don’t fancy hearing me, Genticorum are playing…

Then after Shepley I have my final report due in, all 50 pages of it, and the Friday after that I am playing at Loughton Folk Club, supporting old friends na-mara. Doubtless I’ll plug that more before then.

All of which means that I need to dust off the box and start practising, obviously. What it actually means is that I should dust off the box and play something unconnected to anything that I am doing over the next few weeks. Which is what I did today. In honour of melodeon.net‘s “Tune of the Month”, I learned and recorded “Old Molly Oxford”. Actually I had already learned it, probably I had already played it, but I hadn’t made an effort whilst playing it. It’s rather rough, but it’s a nice little snapshot of my “default mode” on box at the moment. Apologies go to Andy Cutting, as I might have plagiarised his version somewhat. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Old Molly Oxford and a Gig Plug

      • It’s a two step process for me. Exams (done) and now spending the summer writing the proposal for my dissertation. Clearly, this means I need to play more accordion! (It’s true, I got much more accordion playing done once I framed it as procrastination from my other tasks!)

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