Happy Summer!

So, it seems like the good weather has finally arrived, hopefully here to stay. I had fairly good weather last weekend for Chagstock, the highlight of which was seeing the Martin Harley Band on the mainstage. I was playing with Marianne Neary and the gig went swimmingly – probably the best that we have so far done.

I have an exciting few weeks ahead of me. This weekend I am going to Warwick Folk Festival, playing with Gog Magog Molly. I’m then going to the English Acoustic Collective Summer School, which I am looking forward to immensely – a chance to play some music without any other distractions. After that it’s Sidmouth time – this is my 11th I think. I’ll be tutoring with Shooting Roots for the first time which should be fun, even though I’ve never done anything similar in my life. Then finally I’ll be dashing across the country to Broadstairs to play with There and Back Again, my piano trio.

Speaking of which, this week (and many of the previous ones) has been spent getting our album ready. We are just about on track (no pun intended), so it should be ready for launch at Broadstairs. And when I get back, I’ll launch it on this website so that you can all buy it. You should, it’s awesome.

I won’t be posting much on this blog for the next three weeks or so, so here are a few things to which you can look forward.

Inside and Out – I’ll be doing an Inside and Out on my Hayden-bass Liliput, as promised. I also have some plans for people to ask for details of their boxes, so watch this space! If you do have a box which is unusual, interesting or renowned then I’d be very interested to hear from you. Get in touch.

Crooked Tunes – I promised a long time ago to give you a post on Crooked Tunes. It should feature some of my favourites, perhaps some abc notation and lots of rambling by me about how awesome they are. Related to that…

Good Tunes – One thing that I haven’t done on here is share tunes that take my fancy. This might change after the summer.

Guarding the Tradition – It’s been a while since I posted the first two instalments of this series. I’ve been meaning to finish it up for the last few months, it will be along shortly I hope.

Classification – I’ll be making a stab at categorising the different kinds of melodeon and explaining their differences. Once I work out what these are.

Acoustics – Hopefully I will be starting a formalised series on melodeon acoustics, trying to look at things from first principles. That will be a very long work in progress, but I’m quite excited about doing it.

So, lots to look forward to after the summer is over. Keep checking this blog in the meantime and if you are anywhere where I am over the next three weeks, please do say hello.

Happy Summer!

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