Jazz Ceilidh – 24th November at Jagz in Ascot

Tickets: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/239740

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/195882387252836/?fref=ts

I have something exciting to announce. I am playing in a ceilidh! Nothing new about that you may say, but this one is special.

Myself and my uncle, Tony Woods, have been playing together in ceilidhs for years, mostly for family and friends and playing sets which my grandfather, Rollo Woods put together many years ago. We’ve always very much enjoyed it and have been keen to do more of it. Well now we are. We will be joined by Paul Tkachenko on Tuba and Terry Knight on Drums and will be giving a public ceilidh at Jagz¬†in Ascot (Berks, UK) on Sunday 24th November starting at 20:00. The caller will be Yarden Brody, who is gaining ever-expanding acclaim as a caller in the Cambridge area. Together we are the “Jazz Ceilidh Project”, because I couldn’t think of a snappier name.

Musically this is a very exciting project for me. I’ve always loved playing for ceilidhs and I’ve played for a number of different bands. This time though the music isn’t what someone else has arranged, I am collating and selecting all of it. So we’ll be playing box friendly dance tunes that I will enjoy playing as much as the dancers will enjoy dancing. There will be tunes from all over the world and they will all be brilliant. So there.

As the name suggests, this is a Jazz ceilidh band. This means that we will be taking rhythms and improvisation from Jazz alongside tunes and dances¬†from Folk. Every time I’ve done a ceilidh with Tony it has been an amazing experience, so I have high hopes of this one.

The point of this post then, is to encourage you to come. This ceilidh will only be a success if we get a decent number of dancers, otherwise it will just be us playing on our own. Very good fun, but not what we want. You can buy tickets from WeGotTickets, buy on the door or reserve them by emailing me on ukebert@googlemail.com.

And whilst you are at it, please join the facebook event and share with all your friends. Or use twitter, or word of mouth or anything which will spread the news! There’s even a Band Page to like as well.

To finish, please enjoy this clip of Tony and his band in reflective mood…


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