Kristjani Reilender

I have a new spot to practise. I’ve been trying to get back into playing box recently (see this post) with some success. What I’ve been trying to do is create times where playing the box is desirable, rather than just snatching some time and trying to be productive. I find productivity rather difficult on box, I tend to progress most when I’m supposed to be doing something else. I suspect I am not alone in that regard.

I have found that when the time comes for my lunch break I don’t particularly want to continue to sit at my desk in front of my computer. I am fortunate in that I work in a fairly rural location and down the drive from the office there is a little path which leads between two fields beside a stream. After a while you come to a branch blocking the path which is convenient (if uncomfortable) to sit on and you are screened from the office and the road. This not only means that I can get away from work, but also, crucially, nobody can hear me. Most importantly, it sets me up well for a productive afternoon.

Today I decided to record’s Tune of the Month, Kristjani Reilender. This is because I found this tune on a CD called “Veidi enam kui rahvalik” by an amazing Estonian Lõõtspill player called Juhan Uppin. I then shared it with my good friend Ollie King, who recorded it. It seems to have gained some popularity, so I thought that I should record it. This is what the liner notes have to say about it:

Üllatavalt populaarseks saanud ja kiirelt levinud autorilooming, mida voib teadmatusest kergesti pärimuslooks pidada. Kuigi kirjatud algselt kitarrile, sobib see lootspillile ehk veel pareminigi. Lugu jutustab kitsal keerdtrepil liikumisest – pikkamööda ja sihikindlalt ülespoole, kuni komistad… ja ludinal uuesti alla varised.

Now I have to admit that my Estonian leaves something to be desired, so this is what Google Translate makes of it:

Become surprisingly popular, and quickly spread to the author’s creations, which can be regarded as ignorance can easily create a tradition. Although originally patterned guitar, accordion, or for improved fit it. The story tells of a narrow spiral stairs moving – slowly and determinedly upwards to stumble … ludinal down again and collapsed.

No comment. If a friendly Estonian happens to be reading this then please do supply a better translation.

I’m playing it pretty much as Juhan plays it – I love the Estonian style and it’s great fun to try and emulate it. Especially since Juhan has four rows and I have a measly two! Enjoy. And envy my lunchtime practice spot.

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