An illustration of the non-existence of God

Somehow this blog has got sidelined for a while, which is sad. Being unemployed is getting me down and I am tending to not do any of the things that I should.

However, that changes today, with this post. I was slightly hesitant about writing about this topic, because this knowledge caused a bit of a musical crisis for me earlier this year and I wouldn’t want to wish that on anyone. However, under the assumption that what you don’t know hurts you more than what you do know, the time has come to talk about temperaments. Continue reading


Sharing music…

So a little while ago I came across this, which made me rather sad. It is a website which allows people to download folk music for free without paying for it, maintained by someone who isn’t the copyright holder and who doesn’t ask for permission before uploading other people’s albums. Lúnasa’s Donogh Hennessy took umbrage (lovely word) at this and requested them to be taken down. This invoked some reaction from the readers, which I think sadly displays the way that things are going in this area. What follows is a microcosm of my views today, as I could write reams on this subject. Continue reading

Making the most of your Limitations

A perennially popular topic of discussion amongst melodeon players is on the merits and disadvantages of different kinds of box, in particular whether altering boxes in certain ways diminishes the appeal. Gary Chapin recently wrote a very well written post on the relationship between boxes and their music. This is my take on the limitations of instruments and how that relates to the melodeon. Continue reading