Solo Melodeon

OFW1“Owen Woods is probably the most cutting-edge English melodeon player at this moment in time.  He is constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be done on this simple folk instrument leading to an incredibly musical experience while remaining surprisingly true to the traditional elements of the humble squeezebox.” – John Spiers

Owen is a solo melodeon player, performing traditional music from all over the world. Schooled in classical piano from an early age and having a fling with Big Band Swing on clarinet, he picked up the melodeon some 11 years ago. Since then he has become more involved in folk music, the music taught to him by his grandfather when he was young.

Owen has been performing solo since 2011, when he entered the New Roots folk competition. He reached the final both as a solo melodeon artist and with “There and Back Again“, a folk piano trio. Since then he has become a regular performer on the folk club circuit, performing at Milkmaid Folk Club, Ely Folk Club, Norwich Folk Club, St Albans “First Fridays” and the Musical Traditions Club, amongst many others. He has also performed at Shepley Spring Festival and Bromyard Folk Festival. Owen has developed a personal style of performance, marrying tunes from different cultures and different periods. Prepare for strange time signatures, fluctuating rhythms and lush harmonies.

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