Tradition and Aspiration

I am still battling with my MEng report (up to 37 pages, not including Appendices because I haven’t written them yet), so haven’t had the time to do a proper blog post. I’m beginning to put together the third part of my “Guarding the Tradition” series, in part inspired by the Bolivian ethnomusicology that I’m learning about whilst writing my project report. But to keep you going, I thought I’d share this article written by the legendary Martin Hayes on tradition and aspiration. He manages to put into words much of what I’ve been pondering over the past 6 months. Hope you enjoy it.

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Old Molly Oxford and a Gig Plug

Hello everyone! How are you? Excellent, glad to hear it. Sorry I haven’t been in touch in such a long time, but events have conspired against me. Specifically, my finals, which are arguably (shock horror) more important than writing this blog. I am currently in the middle of my final report, so might have a few more inactive weeks ahead. I am also half way through writing the third part of “Inside and Out”, but to keep you going and informed I thought I’d write you this post on my next few weeks. Continue reading