There and Back Again – Long Way Round

Hello everyone! I am back from my ramblings across the country, more about which anon, with some good news for you all! There and Back Again’s debut CD is now available, from our Bandcamp page or by post (more details here).

For those of you who haven’t explored that part of my site, There and Back Again is one of the groups with whom I perform. We are a folk piano trio, probably the only one in existence, comprising Piano (me), Whistle (Yarden Brody) and Cello (Pip Ash). We play music mostly from the British Isles, using semi-improvised arrangements developed over time. We use no written music and none of our arrangements have been written down. Continue reading

Sharing music…

So a little while ago I came across this, which made me rather sad. It is a website which allows people to download folk music for free without paying for it, maintained by someone who isn’t the copyright holder and who doesn’t ask for permission before uploading other people’s albums. Lúnasa’s Donogh Hennessy took umbrage (lovely word) at this and requested them to be taken down. This invoked some reaction from the readers, which I think sadly displays the way that things are going in this area. What follows is a microcosm of my views today, as I could write reams on this subject. Continue reading