Old Molly Oxford and a Gig Plug

Hello everyone! How are you? Excellent, glad to hear it. Sorry I haven’t been in touch in such a long time, but events have conspired against me. Specifically, my finals, which are arguably (shock horror) more important than writing this blog. I am currently in the middle of my final report, so might have a few more inactive weeks ahead. I am also half way through writing the third part of “Inside and Out”, but to keep you going and informed I thought I’d write you this post on my next few weeks. Continue reading

Genticorum, or “Why I love Quebecois Music”

Or some of the reasons anyway.

I realised today that it has been a while since I updated this blog. This is because I have been overloaded with work (shudder), which included pulling another all-nighter on Tuesday/Wednesday. So apologies for that, hypothetical reader. Sympathy is always welcome.

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