Language and Music

My girlfriend is Jewish and I am not. Being in a multi-cultural relationship is an amazing thing, I get to experience another culture in a way that few can. Plus it is a culture which is familiar to someone raised as a Christian and involves eating large amounts of very good food. Continue reading

An illustration of the non-existence of God

Somehow this blog has got sidelined for a while, which is sad. Being unemployed is getting me down and I am tending to not do any of the things that I should.

However, that changes today, with this post. I was slightly hesitant about writing about this topic, because this knowledge caused a bit of a musical crisis for me earlier this year and I wouldn’t want to wish that on anyone. However, under the assumption that what you don’t know hurts you more than what you do know, the time has come to talk about temperaments. Continue reading

Beauty in Music

The last few posts of mine have been fairly wordy, so this one will mostly be music. I’m going to have a busy few days, so this is to tide you over until I have some more free time.

One of my consuming interest, as you might expect is in musical instruments. I am fascinated by the idea of characteristic sound, the idea that by some quirk of their construction every instrument has a sound all of its own. And this isn’t just about melodeons, it applies to every instrument. Indeed my major project for my MEng is on just this topic, isolating the core sound of the Charango (stringed instrument from Bolivia).

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